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What We Do

Empower Your Online Presence with Comprehensive Services

  • Expert Website Care: Dedicated management of all your website needs.
  • WordPress Maintenance: Keeping your site up-to-date and secure.
  • Enhanced Visibility through SEO: Cutting-edge strategies for organic traffic and wider reach.
  • Engaging Content Management: Skilled team updates and maintains your content.
  • Seamless Expansion: Effortless website page add-ons for evolving requirements.
  • Customizations for Your Platform: Tailoring your site to meet specific needs.

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WordPress Maintenance

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We ensure that your WordPress website remains secure and operates smoothly by regularly performing core and plugin updates. These updates typically occur, ranging from 1 to 4 times per month. Neglecting these updates can lead to various issues such as malware attacks, hacking, and errors, often resulting in website downtime. By diligently managing the updates and ensuring compatibility with the plugins, we safeguard your site’s security and ensure optimal performance.

Broken Link Monitoring

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Broken links can lead to several detrimental issues:

– A subpar user experience
– Diminished credibility and trust
– Negative impact on SEO
– Missed opportunities for conversions
– Lost traffic and potential customers

To tackle these problems effectively, website owners must consistently monitor their sites for broken links and take immediate action to rectify or redirect them. This proactive approach ensures a seamless user experience, enhances credibility, boosts SEO performance, and maximizes the website’s potential.



Off Server Back Up

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Off-server backups for websites are crucial due to their multiple benefits. They offer an added layer of protection by ensuring data recovery in case of server failures or disasters. Additionally, storing backups off-server creates data redundancy, reducing the risk of data loss. It enhances security by safeguarding against unauthorized access and malware attacks. Off-server backups also enable long-term data retention for historical versions of the website. Overall, these backups provide peace of mind and a reliable safety net, ensuring the availability and recoverability of website data in various scenarios.

Content Management SEO

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Effective content management and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are essential for a successful online presence. Content management ensures valuable and engaging updates, while SEO drives organic traffic through strategic keyword integration and optimization. Internal linking, user experience, and content promotion enhance authority and visibility. Together, these efforts lead to increased brand awareness, higher traffic, and improved conversions.

Preformance and Analytics

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Site performance and analytics are vital for a successful website. Optimize performance for better user experience, SEO, and conversions while reducing costs. Analytics provide insights into user behavior, support data-driven decisions, and track marketing effectiveness, ensuring the website meets business goals and delivers an excellent user experience.


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Website security is crucial to protect sensitive data, prevent hacking and malware attacks, gain user trust, maintain search engine rankings, and ensure business continuity. It also prevents financial losses, ensures regulatory compliance, safeguards intellectual property, and preserves the website’s reputation and credibility.

Here are some Sample Care Plans for WordPress site owners – Don’t run a WordPress site – No Problem – We can fit a plan for your CMS, Local SEO, Global SEO, and Content Management.

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Wordpress Maintenance

Our skilled team at Web Maintenance Desk provides comprehensive support for your website, attending to all necessary updates, backups, and security enhancements. Rest assured that we are dedicated to ensuring your website operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Content Management

Fresh and engaging content is crucial for maintaining a thriving online presence.  Our team of content will assist you in regularly updating your website with captivating content, ensuring your visitors remain well-informed and intrigued.


We prioritize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) when updating and improving content and enhancing site performance on all packages. We recognize SEO plays a key factor in effectively reaching customers and clients. SEO is available in the Grow package and as an add-on.

Entrust Web Maintenance Desk with the needs of your website, ensuring that you can prioritize your core strengths and expertise.

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